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IGT Video 9 inch
IGT Video Round
IGT Trimline
IGT GameKing
IGT S2000 Round
IGT S2000 9 inch
IGT S2000 5 Reel
IGT S2000 Bonus
IGT S2000 4 Reel
IGT S2000 16 Inch
IGT S2000 Reel Touch
IGT S2000 Vision
IGT S2000 Barcrest
Williams Bluebird 2
Williams Bluebird 1.5
Williams Bluebird
Konami K2v Video Reel
Konami Advantage
Bally Elite V3200
Bally M9000 Video
Bally S9000 Reel
Aristocrat Mark6 Video




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Service Department

We Repair Slot Parts

Monitors And LCD
JCM Validators Mars Validators
Any Boards
Upgrade Validators
We can do anything you need!

Need to change your game percentage (%)
We carry lots of chips in stock for your needs.
If you need to clean your game or set your
game we have what you need.

NOTE: Due to copyright laws we sell ONLY
original Eproms.

We can NOT sale copy chips.
Eprom chips
Blank Eproms
Bill Validation Chips
Set Chips
Clear Chips
CDS Eproms
Bally Eproms
WMS Eproms
IGT Eproms

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